Сергей Панайотов
Ron Hughes
Ron Hughes
As regards your site, let me start by saying how impressive and striking it is. The overall design is excellent and the film strip 'logo' with the images is very eye-catching. The other thing that I like about your site are the clear navigation guides which makes it easy to move around. However, the most striking aspect is the quality of your photographs which really is excellent. Many of them are truly beautiful images and I wish you every success with your site and business. I am very happy to have a link to a site that contains such high quality photography.
As regards your English, it is very good ... a lot better than my Bulgarian! :)
Photography Directory
Sergey, Thank you for linking back to us.
I visited your site and enjoyed looking at your photographs, you are a
talented photographer.
Landscapes and cityscapes of Maine, New York, and Europe, available as signed, editioned prints or stock images for publication - Andrew Slayman Great portfolio!
sGALLERY - photorealistic oil paintings, Art Directory & Art News.
I have come across your website and I liked it.
Your online resource for Girl! I think you have a fantastic website... Again I am very impressed with your site.
Mona Youssef is a professional Canadian Artist involved in realistic oil paintings. One of her achievements is the well known Canadian Constitution Act painting. I have visited your website and liked your photographs. I do wish you the best on your career.
We are running a website dedicated to Bulgaria. We would like to place on our site a presentation of you as a photographer and of your art.
Bluesrains Hi Sergey, My God.....How did you find me!!!! I did want to know what Id look like when Im a little older, but the photo attached, really says it all!! There I am..... still holding onto two teeth, for the life of me, let me chew just a little longer!!! Hell.....I knew I shouldnt have moved away from those train tracks!!! Do you think plastic surgery will help 5 years from now, when Im this wonderful toothless lady???
Nah................. I dont think so either!!!!
Great Photo, young man!!!!!!!!
Love You....
Catsadorakis Giorgos I visited your very nice website and I was really impressed by your very good photos. I enjoyed them very much! I wish you the best success with it since it is obvious to me that you are a talented photographer and you love photography.
John Bush Wonderful galleries!
Matt Burke
I've spent a lot of time at your website and I think your photography is
perfect for our stores.
Jamie Voetsch - Acclaim Images You have some very nice images by the way.
Лилия Иванова Направо нямам думи - страницата ти е страхотна, много професионално изглежда, постарал си се доста, но си заслужава!
Ostrin I have just visited your website and found it really nice.
Diana Dimitrova I just happened to visit your site and enjoyed it a lot. I am myself a photographer, currently studying in US. It was a great pleasure to see your works, I had this feeling I have taken them myself :) There must be something common in our eye catch.
Маргарита Маджарова ПОЗДРАВЛЕНИЯ!!!
Много ми хареса страницата ти. Като се опарича с удоволствие ще си купя някоя и друга снимка да си я окача в къщи. Гордея с постижението ти!!!
Виктор Василев Здрасти и честито!
Добре изглеждат фототата. Аз като видях хора, рекох си - а, ще има нещо голо, ама карай.
Людмил Дончев Сайта ти ми хареса..., най-важното имаш много хубави фотогарфии... и е добре оформен... естествено има малки грешцици в английския превод, но не са болка за умиране и само дребнавите ще се смеят...:)
Поздравявам те още веднъж и дано това спомогне за да се развиваш с нови сили в това, което искаш...!
Ани Богданова Разглеждам сайта и се възхищавам от уловените моменти. Всичко това трудно можеш да го оцениш като го видиш просто ей така. Великолепни снимки!